Monday, August 21, 2006

Lazy weekend

This weekend was great. Mommy went and ran errands all morning on Saturday and came back with a new collar for me and some super yummy treats called Solid Gold Beef Jerkey. Then mommy and daddy spent all the rest of the day hanging out with me (and Oscar, Felix and Chestnut too). We watched TV all day. I even got to sit on the "new" couch but don't tell gramma.
On Sunday, mommy did laundry and napped with me then later mommy's friends Tara and Kevin came over. The other "guy" (daddy and Kevin) hung out in the basement while I scored points with the ladies by watching girl movies (well...really I napped but don't tell mommy).

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree.. I have the exact same oscars.. A lemon oscar an a tiger oscar.. They are known as the water dogs.. They need room..If not cared for right they could die from a disease called Hole in head.. Your fish will literally get a hole in the head an die. They also need a heater in there aswell.. In a small tank like you have for them what you may not notice is you are stunting their growth..Not the body growth but the organ growth of your oscar. To clean the water you could start with a 5 gallon change.. or even a 50% of the tank.. Oscar fish are fairly tough. you can buy a sucker fish aswell that will help clean some of the gunk they are really dirty fish. :)
You dog is adorable.