Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm pooped

Hey everydoggie. I hope you all had a Happy Ho Ho. I had a great time. On Christmas Eve I went to grammas house. There we hung out and I gots to play with everyone. The next morning was Christmas and we gots up early and had breakfast and then started opening pressies. There was so many pressies we had to take a break and have lunch. By lunch time I was sleepy but all the humans excitement over the pressies kept me awake. Finally, everything was opened and it was relaxing time. I fell alseep on the couch while everyone watched tv.

By the way...gramma loved her new puppy.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tagged again

Well I just got Christmas tagged. I gots to tell you 3 things I want for Christmas and 3 I don't want.

All I want for Christmas
1.) Bully Sticks.
2.) A babble ball
3.) A new Referee

3 Things I don't want for Christmas
1.) To go in the crate.
2.) To go outside in the rain
3.) To go in the crate.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hey hey everydoggie. Momma says now that it's the Holiday season we should take time and think about those that are less fortunate then us. So here I am to spread word to my Dawgs about two good causes.

Rocky's Rescue
Momma's friend Donna, from Boxer Crazy, started Rocky's Rescue. Donna saves poor doggies (and kitties) from bad breeders and abusive homes. We at Boxer Crazy designed a Boxer Calander (which has a pic of yours truely) for Rocky's Rescue. The calander is $25 and includes tax and shipping. Contact Hanna Banana for more details.

Pepino is another of my boxer buddies. He is only about 8 months old and has been diagnosed with Hip Displasia, HOD, and Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease. Mac's Momma and Thor's Grammie created a whole line of Boxer Christmas products. You can check out the Boxer Charity Store for more information.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Persons of the Year

Hey everydoggie. Ciaro has voted me one of the Persons of the Year. Check out Ciaro's Place and see my Time Cover shot.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Daddy got a pro-motor-shun

Daddy is happy. He got a pro-motor-shun. I dont know what that means but momma is happy too. She said a pro-motor-shun means more bully stick money for me. So I guess that is good.

Daddy also said that means there will be no more drive by farts from his old boss. I don't know why that is a problem. Drive by fartin is fun.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Puppy Mills & Backyard Breeders

Hey everydoggie. It seems now that Christmas time is here there are a lot of advertisements for puppies. Well momma and I wanted to give you some information about Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders.

Puppy Mills
A puppy mill is a large scale operation where doggies are repeatedly bred to product puppies for pet stores. Click here for The Humane Society's definition of Puppy Mill. The conditions that these doggies is horrible. Here are some images of puppy mills. Below are more links to puppy mills

Backyard Breeders (BYB)
Backyard breeders are dog owners that have pets that they have decided to breed. They do not test for health defects such as Cardiomyopathy or Hip Displasia. They also do not show or have their dogs evaluated by an independant expert to determine if the doggie is a good specimen of the breed. Click here to learn what Wikipedia calls a BYB. Below are links about BYBs.

As you can see...Puppy Mills and BYBs are bad. If you are thinking of getting a doggie please consider a rescue dog or getting a puppy from a Responsible Breeder. A Responsible breeder should be able to answer all questions listed here. The best way to find a responsible breeder is to contact the local breed club.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I love pillows. They are so fun to rest on. My favorite pillow is my daddy. He makes the bestest pillow ever.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Boxer Dictionary

One of momma's friends posted a link to a Boxer Dictionary. I thought I would share it with you so you'd know what momma means when she has Boxer Burn of the mouth

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tagged Again

Lola Tagged nows I got to tell you 6 weird things about me. Here goes:
1.) My feets smell like Fritos. Apparently all boxer feets smells like fritos. Momma calls me Frito Feets sometimes.

2.) Whenever momma and daddy come home from work I run to the bathroom to check for daddy...even though he isnt always in there.

3.) I like to kiss and hug and love on gramma even though she PRETENDS not to like it. Aktually....especially cause she pretends not to like it.

4.) I like to sleep between mommy and daddy....with my head on their pillows.

5.) I sometimes make machine gun farts. hehehe.

6.) I talk back to momma all the time. I tag 'Seidon & Waylon & Hanna (again..thee heeeheee)

I got Kennel Cough :(

Yesterday I told you that I wasn't feelin well. Anyway we wents to the vet's office and the Dr. said I had Kennel Cough. The vet gave momma a cough suppressant and tried giving her antibiotics. Momma told the vet that I was feelin better than I was this weekend and that if I didn't get any better in the next day or two she'd come and get the antibiotics.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Chunkee Monkee

Hey hey everydoggie. I know that a lot of you dogs loved my chunkee monkee....well I finally found the link to it. Maybe your mommies and daddies will get you one for the holidays.

Silly Momma

Momma just upgraded to the new blogger and realized she had a million comments that she never looked at. EmbarrassedShe is very sorry that she never helped me respond to your comments. We got it all worked out now and she wont not read through and respond to your comments again.

I don't feels so good

This past weekend I started coughing and sleeping lots cause I don't feel so good. Momma called the vet and they think I may have Kennel Cough. I have an appointment to go see the vet later. I may have to take cough syrup. I hope it tastes good if I got to take the syrup. Talk to you all later when I feels better