Friday, September 29, 2006


Mommy and daddy and I are all part of a football pool and it starts this weekend. Last night I had to choose my team. Here is mommy is laying out all of the selections (and treats) for me to choose from. Okay...all the selections are out and I have looked them over.
This bowl looks good.It's the Chargers! They are a good team (at least that is what daddy tells me).

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Going to Aunt Kerry's

Tomorrow we are going to Aunt Kerry's after mommy and daddy get home from work. They said we are gonna stay at Aunt Kerry's place cause its only a few mintues away from the shows we are going to this weekend. Yippy...more shows! I love going to shows...there are so many other doggies to sniff and lots of humans pay attention to me. I also get lots of treats. I am gonna have mommy take some pix of me at the show for you all.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Finally! Pictures!

I finally got mommy to download the pictures from my weekend at the beach. She said its not her fault it took so long cause daddy stole the camera so he could take pictures of the landscaping work. I don't know what landscaping work is but I am upset cause the cut down all of my favorite pee trees. Mommy said they had to be cut down because they were dead but they could have at least left a bit more stump for me to pee on.

Anyway here are some pix from the beach. This first one is of me diggin a hole. I have never dug a hole before. It was lots of fun.
I think the next time I go to the beach I will dig more holes. All the hole diggin and wave playing left me a bit tired so I napped next to mommy for a while.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Come on mom download my beach pix. Last night instead of bringing out the evil vaccum she should have downloaded my pix. I want my pix...I want 'em NOW. I know she isn't gonna do it tonight cause we have to go to class so she had better download them first thing tomorrow morning. Otherwise I am not gonna be happy and I will bite her bum.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Well today I was gonna post some pictures from my weekend at the beach but mommy forgot to download the pix...and I can't since I ain't got no thumbs. Silly mommy! I wasn't gonna post nothing but then I found out I was nominated for Dogs with Blogs Photo of the Month . If you click the link you can vote for me....cause I am cute.
Also I was tagged by Ivy . That means I gotta tell you 5 things about me. Hmmm. goes.
1.) Everyday when mommy and daddy come home from work I do the kidney bean dance.
2.) I am an active participant in the Boxer 500
3.) When I visit cousin Chestnut I like to pretend I am a Australian sheep dog and herd the sheep (cousin Chestnut).
4.) I like to sit on laps or feets. I don't fit too well in laps anymore but I like to try.
5.) I like to sleep in the bed with mommy and daddy. They don't let me but every morning round 4 am I sneaked up in the bed anyway. I tag: the Greatful Dogs, 'Seidon, TigerSan & BatDog.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dog Shows

This weekend I was in my first dog show. I won second place. Go me. I had a lot of fun and yesterday I even got to play with my sister a bit. Here are some pictures of me from yesterday.
Here is me and Hal in the regular 9-12 month dog class.
And this is me and Jackie in the 9-12 month old class in the Puppy Sweepstakes.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Always when I am sleeping

Mommy always takes pictures of me when I am trying to sleep. She says its cause its the only time I am sitting still. It's not true at all. Well anyway here I am after a hard day of chasing the frisbee.
Sleepin' cozy with my eyes open.
Then BAM. Hit with the flash.
No I am awake an annoyed.