Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cousin Chestnut

Mommy and daddy are dog sitting cousin Chestnut for the next two weeks. This would be exciting 'cept I'm not allowed to play with her. Mommy said that she is old and tired. Daddy said Aunt Kerry adopted Chestnut from an animal shelter about 12 years ago. That makes her between 14-17 years old! Here is a picture of her.
She doesn't really move around a lot. I heard grampa say something bout arthritis and going blind. Daddy gated her off the living room because he said I was playing to rough with her. I am trying my best to play nice with her but sometimes I forget and want to box her. I will try though.


Shannon said...

Hi Beasley!

You are a very cute boxer dog. And Beasley is a very wise looking thing. Be gentle with him. Play rough with your dad. ISn't that what dads are there for?

Sam I Am said...

We will be thinking of Chestnut,Take good care of her Beasley,.

Lots of Licks!