Monday, November 27, 2006


Hey was your tanks-givin? Momma and daddy loaded up all my stuff into the car and we went for a drive to Auntie Kerry's. When we got to Auntie Kerry's, gramma and grampa where there already with cousin Chestnut. All the humans sat around and ate food all day while I played and woo-woo'd and demand all the attention that I'm suposed to have.
At night we stayed at Auntie Kerry's. The next day we went home and slept on the couch all day. I was pooped. Anyway...momma got lots of pitchers and will help me post them later.

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Ivy said...

cant wait to see your pitchers beasley! i luv goin for rides in the car and it sounds like you had a reelly great time. lots to be thankful for!