Thursday, November 30, 2006

Talk about a Big Duck!

Mommy said I need to get some last night she and daddy took me to the Ligthing of the Big Duck. I thought she was kidding when she said it was a Big Duck....but OH MY DOGNESS it was HUGE. See!
Mommy said it is listed on the National Historic Register and that all road side attractions that look like sumthing are called "Duck Architecture" cause of the Big Duck.
Daddy said that when he was little he 'members going into the duck and buying Long Island Duck for roasting...ummm roast duck.
Anyways....while we was there I got lots of treats and loving by all the kiddos.


Ivy said...

awwwww! i like to luv on kiddos too. that is the best part of being a dog izznt it? well maybe the best part is rawhides but luving on kiddos is pretty close.

did you get to taste any of that duck? he looks delishus!

Anonymous said...

Hey, pal! Saw your blog as I was wandering around blogland! That is one big duck! You'd need a truck load of oranges to roast that baby! Whew! Anyway, nice to meet you! Hope you have a very yappy howliday!

Beasley said...

I tried to eat the duck but momma said it wouldn't taste good since its made from con-kret. But I did get lots of tastey liver treats for not jumpin on the kiddos