Monday, September 18, 2006


Well today I was gonna post some pictures from my weekend at the beach but mommy forgot to download the pix...and I can't since I ain't got no thumbs. Silly mommy! I wasn't gonna post nothing but then I found out I was nominated for Dogs with Blogs Photo of the Month . If you click the link you can vote for me....cause I am cute.
Also I was tagged by Ivy . That means I gotta tell you 5 things about me. Hmmm. goes.
1.) Everyday when mommy and daddy come home from work I do the kidney bean dance.
2.) I am an active participant in the Boxer 500
3.) When I visit cousin Chestnut I like to pretend I am a Australian sheep dog and herd the sheep (cousin Chestnut).
4.) I like to sit on laps or feets. I don't fit too well in laps anymore but I like to try.
5.) I like to sleep in the bed with mommy and daddy. They don't let me but every morning round 4 am I sneaked up in the bed anyway. I tag: the Greatful Dogs, 'Seidon, TigerSan & BatDog.

1 comment:

Tigersan said...

Sorry, me have been away for some time ;)
Hmmm, for me...

Me likes to eat the ice cubes :)

darn, me not good at tag ;)