Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hey everydoggie. Sorry I have been MIA...but momma's been hoggin the puter. She said she needs it cause she and daddy are getting married. I don't know what that means but she said they are gonna have to go away for two weeks to costarika wherever that is. I hope everydoggie is doing well


Cubby said...

Congrats to your folks!

the aphasia decoder.... said...

You're going to like having your people get married! You get to see them more often. I like your big stuffed toy in the photo. You're pretty cute, too, for such a big guy. Cooper

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Turbo the Sibe said...

Humans enjoy being hogs, though!

Markus said...

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Elizabeth Thompson said...

Hi Beasley,

It's nice to meet you! You are sooo handsome. I see why Laila like to come over and visit...

Anyway, tell you momma I said a big "Congrats" on her marriage! Maybe you and Laila will tie the old doggie knot one day.


Hanna said...

Helllooooooo Beasley,
Don’t worry when mom marries,you will get one more person to take care, my dear boxer.
Mom s gonna for 2 weeks only, I suggest, your stay with Laila boxer for a fortnight would be pleasant.
Wish that you visited my home, have fun when mom s not there, sure both would enjoy.

Anonymous said...

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PetDoggies said...

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