Friday, January 19, 2007


Yesterday momma stayed home with me. Daddy said she was sickly and that I should take care of I made her take a nap and I cuddled up to her really close. Then when she woked up I made her eat soup and watch movies with me cuddled up in her knee pits. I was super good and didn't bark too much.

Anyway....momma said her hair is finally long enough to donate to Locks for Love. She said it would make some kid very happy cause they were more sick then momma was yesterday and they lost all their hair. I don't know how momma's hair is gonna make some kid happy but if it does then that's cool. I will have momma post before and after pitchers


Burbon said...

Get well boxer wiggles and slobbers from New Zealand!

Günter said...

Hope your mum is feeling better by now - I guess your presence helped a lot!

Tell you mum that she is doing a great thing when donating hair.